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Sannera San Pablo boasts of a wide range of facilities and amenities that promise to bring a resort-like lifestyle to this community. It would be surprising for home buyers to find the impressive list of amenities for an affordable house and lot community. However, Ovialand has committed to bringing a lifestyle experience and community, not just house and lot units to buyers. 

There are similar set of amenities that you can find in Sannera San Pablo with that of Ovialand’s recent successful project – Terrazza de Sto. Tomas. Since the developers insist on bringing a ‘resort living’ lifestyle, it aims to achieve that with the addition of many facilities and amenities for a recreational purpose. 

The first and most noticeable feature at this house and lot community is the entrance gate. Just like the house models at this development, the entrance gate also features a modern Asian tropical design that brings a sense of consistency in the development’s overall design. The entrance gate also provides a preview of what the rest of the subdivision will look like. Hence, it brings that sense of exclusivity and prestige to the subdivision, which you would not normally expect to find in an affordable housing community like this. But most importantly, the entrance gate comes with a guard house with security personnel on duty on a 24-hour basis. They will be responsible for overseeing the entry and exit of vehicles (and individuals) to the subdivision. It is a measure to help protect the peace and security of the residents at Sannera San Pablo. 

As for the units, Ovialand takes pride in the quality, workmanship, and finishing that is delivered with each unit upon turnover to the eligible buyers. The developers use the Sterling Plaswall building system for every unit in this residential development. This will help to ensure that you have a solid concrete house and you can be confident knowing that your entire home is strong and sturdy. The developers wanted to get to the essentials of home building rather than just wow the home buyers with the bells and whistles. They wanted to make sure that comfortable living is also about living in a home that is built using the highest quality method. They have also worked with some of the best professionals in the industry for supplying paints, tiles, and bathroom fixtures, among other types of finishing to every house unit. 

In terms of comfort and recreation, there is a Clubhouse available within this community. This clubhouse is the perfect spot to go to if you wanted to unwind on weekends. You can stay at home and relax without the need to drive to another location. The clubhouse also sits right next to the swimming pool area. You and your family can go for a relaxing dip if you would like to do something fun on the weekends. There are two swimming pools available at Sannera San Pablo and they are located right next to each other. Thus, you can swim in the adult sized pool while your children enjoy their own kiddie sized pool. 

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